Three interior design trends to bring to your home this summer

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Three interior design trends to bring to your home this summer

Having experienced so much time at home these past few months, many of us will now feel ready to make a few seasonal changes to the places we live.

Top interior design trends this summer are all about keeping it cool, keeping it simple and minimising waste.

And sometimes this can be achieved by bringing in just one or two new pieces of furniture; adding an accessory or two and even making items yourself.

So here are the top three interior design trends to look out for this summer:

  • Japandi style

Yes, it’s true – Japanese and Scandinavian looks have now been melded and presented as one super cool new style.

Fusing Scandinavian hygge and Japanese wabi-sabi décor, the concept is about combining comfort and an acceptance of imperfect beauty.

At the same time, expect clean lines, natural materials, a variety of textures and a generous helping of the eco-friendly and sustainable.

Try choosing one minimalist statement piece – perhaps a futon-style table or chair – and keeping fabrics in neutral shades.

  • All white

White is never wrong – and never more so than this summer when adding accessories, furniture or even redecorating.

If you have recently carried out significant work to your property – renovating or remodelling, for example – you might decide to use white as a basis for your new colour scheme.

Off-white, antique-white, vanilla and all the other many shades of white remain a popular choice for those redecorating or choosing new pieces to bring into a space.

Dropped in here or there, it can lighten, brighten and complement almost any pattern, texture and overall interior design.

Try bringing white bedding into a bedroom to create a sense of calm and sanctuary.

Hang white voile or cotton drapes at the window to give a whole room an airy feel.

  • Upcycling

This summer will certainly see more recycled, renovated and upcycled pieces finding their places within our homes.

Not only have some of us had more spare time to dedicate to getting creative but there is certainly now more of an emphasis on “make do and mend” rather than simply replacing items.

Make accessories for your home, for example, that bring a splash of new colour or pattern – or that enhance your new Japandi or white styling.

Try repurposing lamp shades, for example, by painting the fabric or paper coverings; make new shades from old coat hangers woven with strands of wool or fabric.

Take leftover wine corks, cut them in half and glue together on to a piece of wood to make a new and interesting pin board or shape them round tubes to make rustic looking holders.

Upcycle old wooden desks, chests of drawers and tables with a fresh coat of paint in a tasteful chalky shade or even an off-white.