Planning your annexe

With increasing property prices, lack of housing supply and changing lifestyles, more homeowners are now looking to annexes as a way of creating much-needed space.

These might be new-build projects, or they might be conversions, where an existing building or structure has been transformed for an alternative use.

Annexes can have a variety of uses, from providing self-contained accommodation for family members seeking some level of independence, to home offices, gyms, studios and other leisure spaces.

In rural properties, we oversee the conversion of former barns, dairies and haylofts to create annexe accommodation, while in the cities and suburbs, garages can offer just the right space.

Wherever a building has a suitable plot, then – subject to the relevant planning permissions – we can look towards a newly built, architect-designed annexe to sit well within the context of the surroundings, while also meeting any planning requirements.

Creating annexe accommodation is not without its challenges but our experienced team is well practised at navigating the difficulties.

We are used to liaising closely with the planners and conservation experts, where required and we are experienced at dealing with issues of privacy and potential conflict with neighbours.

Above all, we are skilled at working with our clients on creative designs that are aesthetically pleasing as well as practical, functional and future-proofed.

As a country, we are now far more home-based that we ever were.

The pandemic and improvements in technology mean many more of us are now choosing to spend time at home.

The imbalance between supply and demand, soaring property prices and the cost of social care, mean we are now seeing younger and older generations increasingly living together again under one roof.

We are also looking towards our own futures more: thinking about how our lives might change and what that means in terms of our homes and the way we live.

If it is an option to you, opting for an annexe might be just the solution you are seeking.

And, by creating this extra very useable and versatile space, you will not only be increasing your home’s value but also enhancing its desirability to others, should you ever choose to sell it in the future.