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Transforming a building (or a space within a building) for a different use altogether will usually create a unique end result full of its original character

Conversions we are most used to seeing might be a loft, attic or roof void that transform into a bedroom, bathroom or even leisure space.

Similarly a cellar might be converted and brought into the main home or a former outbuilding or garage transformed to become an office, games room or gym.

Entire building conversions, however, take the whole notion even further and can yield even more imaginative results.

Beautiful old barns, exquisite churches and even former pubs, hospitals and water towers can become the most magnificent family homes.

With the eye of an expert, a conversion should manage to retain the character and features of its host, to serve as a reminder of its unique history.

Even a loft conversion can take on the character of the space within the roof to make it quirky and interesting.

Naturally, as part of its re-invention, an old building needs to be updated to meet current Building Regulation standards. This needs to be done in such a way that the original building is protected and this is part of the challenge for the architect.