Your bungalow

Large numbers of bungalows built in the 1970s and 1980s sit within generous plots in great locations. They offer excellent opportunities for dramatic transformation, however, the original structures can be poor quality, badly insulated and require significant renovation to bring them up to standard and make them suitable for modern family living.

At Howie Architects we are regularly commissioned to look at converting bungalows with extensions to the rear, side, front and very often upwards to create a first floor level for added bedroom space and bath or shower room.

Extending upwards can be achieved either with pre-fabricated 'attic' trusses or a 'cut-roof'. Dormers can be added to give added useable headroom but aren't always necessary. Adapting the roof to create a useable floor will very often raise the overall roof height and introduce new windows at first floor level which will impact on neighbouring property. Planning permission will be required and the planners will want assurance that the upward extension does not overlook or be of a size that is overbearing to surrounding properties where often these are bungalows of a similar design.

Very often bungalows benefit from generous gardens to the front, rear and even the side so that a rear, side or even front extension at ground floor level might be possible and avoid the need to extend upwards. Keeping on one level avoids losing space to accommodate a new stair and for many people level access throughout the whole house is quite desirable. Extending on one level to a bungalow gives great opportunity to create playful rooflines with ample opportunity to introduce rooflights within vaulted ceilings.

Whatever your aspirations for your bungalow, Howie Architects will help you realise them and will work with the planners to ensure a real transformation..