Frequently asked questions


Do I require planning consent?

We can advise you on whether planning permission is required for your particular project. If you decide to go ahead then planning submission and liaison with the local authority department or relevant organisation is part of the service we offer. Certain types of development and extension which comply with particular conditions are “deemed consent” and therefore do not require full planning permission. It is usually sensible in this situation to apply to the local authority for a lawful development certificate. This provides formal confirmation that planning is not required and can be particularly helpful if for example you come to sell your property. Have a look at the planning portal for more information.

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How much is the fee for planning application submission?

For domestic extensions and alterations, we would apply for a household planning consent. For an idea of how much this might cost for your project click here.

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Should I apply for pre-application advice?

Some proposals for extension or alteration work may be controversial due to the sensitive nature of the existing property or the area in which it is located. The size, concept or positioning of the extension or development might also be an issue. In these cases, it is sometimes sensible to develop an outline proposal and submit it to the local planners at an early stage. We can then obtain their written advice and use this as reference for developing proposals in more detail and submitting them for full permission. The planners will refer directly to the advice previously given during the consultation process of the full application.

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What are building regulations?

Building regulations are minimum standards for design, construction and alterations to virtually every building and you are likely to need to comply to them. Building regulations approval is different from full planning permission and you might need both for your project. This consent ensures the construction details used and specifications meet with current standards; inspection of the works as they progress on site is part of the approval process.

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Will I need full planning consent or to comply to building regulations?

It depends on your particular project. We can certainly offer you advice once we have found out more about your project but you can also find more information here.

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How much will my project cost?

Once we have a full understanding of what you are looking for we can discuss your budget and how achievable we feel your project is within your cost constraints. We can give advice based around different design and build options and what the most cost-effective approach might be. Nevertheless, it is important to point out that architects are not cost consultants. For accurate cost forecasting we would need to employ a quantity surveyor. For an estimated figure while you are considering your options at an early stage, however, you could try one of the many online cost calculators available.