Five reasons for considering a home extension  

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Five reasons for considering a home extension  

More homeowners than ever seem to be looking into the possibility of extending their properties rather than moving to new homes at the moment.

This might mean building out to the side, rear or front of their homes to single or double storey height – or it could mean increasing existing accommodation by extending out into loft, garage or cellar space.

All those looking into their options will have different reasons for considering an extension but here are five of the most common:

1. To create more living space

As your family increases in number, so you are likely to require more living space. This is not only to accommodate your growing brood, but also possibly grandparents, boyfriends, girlfriends and even grandchildren. Furthermore, as children grow into leggy teenagers, they take up more space and so do their belongings! Either extending your existing living space to give you a larger sitting room or lounge or even creating a second living room, so the different generations can enjoy some separation at times, can be a good solution.

2. To add bedrooms and bathrooms

This is a common reason for extending a home. As children get older they start to require more of their own space so they can concentrate on their school work and have somewhere to spend time with their friends. Adding an extra bedroom or two can also be beneficial if you find adult children returning to the family home if they can’t afford their own rent or mortgages or if grandparents move in. In these situations, many homeowners also seek ways of adding another bath or shower room too.

3. To allow for design changes

Extending a property can give you more options when it comes to design changes. It might allow you to add windows, French windows, skylights or bi-folding doors, for example, to bring more natural light into a space. It might also enable you to find better storage solutions or to accommodate larger pieces of furniture.

4. To accommodate lifestyle changes

Perhaps you are one of the many people who have recently been working from home and now you want to make the arrangement more permanent by creating an office area. You might also be keen on setting up a home gym or perhaps a games room for your teenagers as they get older. As your lifestyle changes, extending your home to give you this flexibility might be worth considering.

5. To increase the value of your home

There is no doubt that increasing the useable living, sleeping or leisure space at your property should increase its value. It is vital, however, that this is done with care, attention and planning to maximise any potential gains. Researching how much value adding another bedroom or living room could add to a home in your area is always a good idea and discussing your options with an experienced architect is also advisable.