What happens once planning permission has been granted?

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You have spent time thinking and planning with your architect, drawings have been submitted and planning consent has been given. You are moving towards your exciting, ultimate goal of seeing your project become a reality but there is still some way to go.

I often get asked to explain the process between achieving planning permission and final completion – and it does vary from project to project.

Firstly, it is at this point that you might start to bring in your builder.

You have probably been in discussion with a number of contractors and asked for quotes – now you must decide who you wish to work with and start discussing timeframes with them.

Depending on the complexity of the job, you may also need to appoint a structural engineer, who will produce drawings required for building regulations approval.

These will also be necessary for your builder to follow once work begins.

At this point you will also wish to submit your building control application.

Building regulations are minimum governmental standards for design, construction and alterations to most buildings.

You will then probably need to schedule a pre-contract meeting with your builder.

If you are continuing to retain an architect through the building process, then he or she might be present too and can chair this meeting if necessary.

Complicated building projects might require a contract: you will need to agree use of facilities and electricity etc and examine paperwork, such as insurance.

Site access and health and safety must also be agreed.

It is also essential to be clear about the various roles everyone will be taking: to discuss who the main point of contact is for the builder and who will be taking on the role of project manager.

Put together a programme of works and agree how often you will meet as the project progresses.

Working out phasing will be especially important if you are living in your house while building work is ongoing.

You will need to know when kitchens and bathrooms might be out of use, for example.

Also, discuss payment plans and supply of materials.

Now is the time to raise any concerns you might have – then you can start to look forward to the building work beginning and edging closer to the fruition of your project.