Working together – builders and architects

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This month building contractor Alex Paterson, of Paterson Construction, has written a guest blog highlighting some of the benefits of working closely with an architect.

I have worked in the construction industry for some time now and have run my own company, Paterson Construction, for 10 years.

We are based in Norwich and take on a range of projects, including extensions, new builds and property alterations.

I enjoy working closely with an architect, as well as a client, right from the beginning – seeing a project through from design to completion.

Having a close working relationship is of great benefit when it comes to addressing any issues that may arise during the project.

Whether the client decides to appoint the builder or the architect first depends on the size and nature of project.

Bringing a builder in at an early stage can often help the client gain an idea of costings.

However, accurate figures are only possible with detailed construction drawings from the architect.

Alastair Howie and I are currently working together on a project in Norwich, where a bungalow is being converted into a modern, three-bedroom family home.

For my construction company, this has involved demolition, ground works, new drainage and building a structural framework.

There have been a number of challenges, including having to create a 9m long steel frame, which weighs up to a tone and consists of 15 components.

These are to be fitted into the existing building to form a new roof and open-plan living area.

But, as we always do, Alastair and I have met throughout the project to discuss the challenges as they occur – and have managed to find solutions.