Consider pressing ahead with your building projects

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Autumn is on the way and before we know it 2018 will have come to a close.

For those who have been considering a building project, now is the time to start the process in order for work to begin when the warmer weather arrives next year.

It is the perfect window to have your plans drawn up and to put in for planning consent.

If there are any issues that need to be resolved, you then have plenty of time to find solutions.

There is a certain hesitancy in the air at the moment – perhaps due to the Brexit factor or the impending colder weather – which makes all of us want to hibernate a little.

But, if you are serious about that extension, conversion or refurbishment, the time could not be better.

While you are hunkering down at home over the next few months, the work behind the scenes can be taking place quietly, and then, all being well, your project can begin next year.

In these weeks before Christmas starts to approach, you can really begin to explore your options both architecturally and in terms of the building work itself.

You can start talking to builders and other tradespeople, examining the quality of their work and discussing prices.

And, perhaps most importantly, as they are so busy at the moment, you can work out a time-frame with them so they will be available to work for you when you are ready.

When December arrives, you can then prepare for Christmas and perhaps put your feet up if you are lucky.

Any planning problems can then be ironed out during the following winter months and then work could perhaps begin when spring is on the horizon.

Depending on the size of the build, your project could then be completed by high summer.

And this time next year, you could be enjoying your wonderful new space, with all the design, planning and building work behind you.