Why choose underfloor heating? 

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Why choose underfloor heating? 

As the cold weather arrives so we all start to switch on, light up and buy fuel in a bid to keep ourselves warm.

Many new homes these days now come with underfloor heating and homeowners are increasingly choosing to install it when they extend, rebuild, convert or renovate.

So, what are the potential benefits of opting for underfloor heating?

*Lower ongoing maintenance costs

Whether you have chosen underfloor heating that runs with electricity or water, as long as the system has been installed to certified standards it should require little maintenance, which is why most suppliers offer long guarantees.

*Energy efficiency

If your home insulation is good, then underfloor heating that uses water is likely to be more efficient than normal heating. Once switched off, it retains heat much better than radiators and therefore should require less energy overall to heat your house.


If individual rooms have their own thermostats, then you can decide which parts of the house you want to keep warm. Thermostatic valves on radiators tend to be less reliable.

*A comfortable heat

Many people like the consistent, constant heat offered by underfloor heating.

*More hygienic

Underfloor heating is thought to reduce dust mites by up to 80 per cent and could therefore make life more comfortable for asthma and allergy sufferers.

*No more radiators

Radiators can be ugly and restrict where you put furniture and therefore how you use a room. Design-wise installing underfloor heating gives you more flexibility.

*Quick drying floors

If you have underfloor heating then wet floors and puddles evaporate much more quickly!

*Warm and toasty

There is nothing like stepping on to a toasty warm floor on a cold winter’s morning!