From oil to air

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From oil to air

While living in rural areas appeals to homeowners for obvious reasons, relying on heating oil for warmth can be problematic.

Oil theft can be an issue, prices can fluctuate and amid concerns about climate change many people now want to move away from fossil fuels in homes for green reasons.

Alternatives to oil include a range of renewable technology solutions, from air source heat pumps to ground source heat pumps.

Ground source heat pumps extract heat from the ground, which can then be used for radiators, underfloor and warm air heating systems and hot water.

Other low-carbon solutions include biomass boilers, photovoltaic solar panels and water source heat pumps that draw heat from lakes, rivers and streams.

Replacing home heating oil with an air source heat pump is also becoming an increasingly popular choice in rural locations.

Air source heat pumps draw in renewable heat from the freely available air outside and then upgrade it to supply hot water and heating.

These systems address the problem of oil theft as well as oil price rises, leaks and smells.

They can offer an environmentally friendly heating solution and also reduce the home owner’s energy bills.