You now have more permitted development rights

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You now have more permitted development rights

Since the beginning of this month, permitted development rights have been relaxed, which may well be of interest to anyone considering carrying out an extension.

Permitted developments generally mean changes to homes that do not require consent from a local planning authority.

And, essentially, the government has now extended these rights, enabling homeowners to add up to two additional storeys to a property through a fast track approval process.

There will still be a requirement to carefully consider the impact on neighbours and the appearance of the extension, but the idea is that the whole process should be quicker and easier.

The government’s aim is to allow homeowners to create more space for their growing families or other relatives, in order to combat issues of housing shortages and affordability.

The issue is still complex, however – it is, therefore, worth talking to your local authority and obtaining a lawful development certificate from them.

This is basically a formal agreement confirming planning consent is not necessary.

Certain areas and building types are still restricted when it comes to carrying out building works – these include listed buildings and conservation areas – so do check whether your home falls into one of these categories.

As ever, however, we are here to help guide our clients through the process and to work with planners on their behalf.

The good news is, however, you might find your project is able to come to fruition sooner than it might otherwise have done….