Single storey kitchen extension in Norwich


To extend a kitchen in Norwich

Our Solution

Single storey kitchen extension in Norwich

This extension to a detached home in Norwich is a good illustration of what can be achieved at a budget of around £50,000. The clients came to me explaining they wanted to enlarge the kitchen of their 1940s’ chalet bungalow and to reorganise the space to the back of the house.

Their garden is terraced, which we knew would have an impact on any designs, so considering landscaping and understanding the ground levels was important here. Furthermore, they wanted to examine the possibility of a first floor extension above as well.

This we did, and they have decided this secondary phase might be carried out at a later date. The designs we have come up with are for a simple extension out to the back, which will be open-plan to their existing kitchen. Within this space they will be able to create a superb living kitchen or kitchen dining room, perhaps. The designs incorporate lots of glass and three skylight windows; there is a flat roof to enable further extension above if required in the future.

A former building, which housed the boiler, was converted into a new utility room, which enabled us to keep all the services in one place. The project was granted full planning permission and is now completed.