Prepare your home for the cold weather – our top tips...

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Prepare your home for the cold weather – our top tips...

With a cold blast of freezing weather threatening to sweep the UK this February, it is worth doing all you can to prevent the cold from damaging your home.

Here is a reminder of some of the steps you can take:

*Make sure pipes and your water tank are lagged – if they get too cold, the water inside can freeze. This can cause pipes to burst and your home and its contents to be damaged.

*Disconnect your garden hose – if water is left in your hosepipe, it can freeze and split the hose and possibly force its way back into your pipes, causing leaks.

*Fix dripping taps –if you have a dripping tap, your pipes have more risk of freezing.

*Leave your heating on low if you go away – this can help protect your pipes from freezing.

*Clear your drains and gutters – leaves and muck can block your gutters and drains, stopping water flowing. Water that has nowhere else to go may build up and leak into your roof and walls or it may freeze and damage your property.

*Service your boiler – during the colder months, your boiler has to work harder, which is why boilers often break in the winter.

*Know where your stop tap is – your stop tap allows you to turn off your home’s water in an emergency, such as a burst pipe. It’s usually found under the sink or stairs.