Our lives are changing – and our homes need to adapt

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Our lives are changing – and our homes need to adapt

Looking back over the past couple of years it is easy to see why – and how – the requirements of our living spaces have changed.

The pandemic resulted in many of us having to work from home and although some have now returned to the workplace, a percentage of us are either still at home or have adopted a hybrid solution.

Changes in technology, as well as employer and client expectations, now make it much easier and more acceptable to work from home, at least some of the time.

As we have already discussed in previous blogs, this has necessitated the creation of new workspaces for many people, whether that be the conversion of a garage or loft or the addition of a completely new garden studio space, perhaps.

Covid-19 and the increasing amount of time we all now spend within our own four walls have also led us to look at other ways of improving the flexibility of our homes.

Can we create a dedicated area for our leisure pursuits, for example – transforming a hitherto unused or under-utilised space into a gym, music room or children’s den, perhaps?

Should we extend our homes to give ourselves more space to pursue our hobbies and interests at home?

Or should we consider moving to a new property that meets our needs or that with some additional work could be ideal?

Then, of course, there is the issue of extended family.

The combination of the rising costs of social care and the impact of the pandemic mean more of us are now perhaps considering keeping our nearest and dearest close.

But, again, this may mean creating new accommodation or remodelling within an existing footprint to give our relatives their own space and independence, while also ensuring we are nearby if needed.

This situation has also led some of us to start thinking about future-proofing our own homes, perhaps.

If we are making changes, should we be thinking ahead to a time when we ourselves might be less mobile?

Should we consider adding downstairs bathrooms and ensuring we have spaces that are flexible enough to become ground-floor bedrooms?

It is also certainly worth considering how we might access our accommodation in the future if there are steps up to doorways – and whether doorways could be widened to improve accessibility.

Indeed, if you are carrying out any work on your home this year or next, it is certainly worth taking all these things into account.

Our lifestyles today are already very different and if we are making adjustments to our suit current, evolving needs, then why not think ahead a little to give ourselves even more versatility for the years to come?