Online searches for information on home improvements soar

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Online searches for information on home improvements soar

Increasing numbers of homeowners are looking to enhance or improve their homes, according to recent information on online search data.

According to Pepper Money, more and more homeowners are now turning to home improvement, extension or renovation as an alternative to selling up and moving house.

From April 2022 to April 2023 the search volume for home improvements has grown by 59 per cent, Google Search Trend data shows.

The most popular home improvements in 2023 in the UK are loft conversions, the installation of patio doors to a garden, and the addition of walk-in wardrobes.

Sarah Green, retail director at Pepper Money, says: “Home improvements can be a smart investment for homeowners in the current housing market.

“With careful planning, budgeting, and the right financing options, homeowners can transform their properties into more valuable, functional, and desirable living spaces.

“By doing so, they not only improve their quality of life but also contribute to a more sustainable and financially responsible approach to property ownership in the UK.”

According to the research, other top searches include kitchen extensions, the creation of a new bathroom or utility room and the installation of solar panels.

Other home improvements people are keen to undertake range from replacing windows, kitchens and bathrooms to landscaping the garden, adding a garden room or conservatory and creating an en suite bathroom.