Norwich – A Happy Place

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Norwich – A Happy Place

Norwich has been ranked fifth in a list of the most family-friendly places to live in the UK.

Research conducted by online retailer Play Like Mum, looked at the places those with young children might consider moving to in the country.

Among the factors considered were the cost of childcare, percentage of outstanding schools, recorded crime rates, average hourly pay and house prices, and child-friendly restaurants and attractions.

They also calculated the number of parks per 100,000 people living in the area, a category in which Norwich came top.

Topping the list was York, followed by Cambridge, Southend-on-Sea and Plymouth.

But from among the 40 towns and cities considered, Norwich beat Brighton, Bristol, Oxford, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham and Sheffield.

It also came above the other East Anglian hubs of Ipswich and Peterborough.

Lowest in the rankings were Northampton, Luton, Coventry, London and Hull.

Historically, Norwich has been a popular place for people to move to when they consider settling down, buying a home and starting or extending a family.

It is known for its history, culture and excellent shops and restaurants, as well as its leisure facilities.

In addition to its many parks and green open spaces, it is also within easy reach of the coast, countryside and Norfolk Broads.

It offers a good selection of properties of different styles, sizes and ages, many of which have the potential to be remodelled, renovated or extended, giving owners the opportunity to put their own stamp on their homes.