Loft conversion in Thorpe St Andrew


Loft conversion Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich

Our Solution

This has been an interesting project to work on as we had to work closely with the planners to achieve a design which everyone was happy with. Living in a two-storey, Victorian, mid-terrace home, the clients were keen to explore the possibilities of converting their unused attic space.

Initially, they wanted to make the most of the full L-shape of the loft in order to be able to incorporate a bedroom, shower room and study. This was going to be possible as long as we were able to raise the parapet between their house and the neighbouring one.

Although the property was deemed to be of architectural significance at the front, to the rear there were no such constraints. However, we discussed the proposals with the planners, and they raised concerns about overlooking neighbours to the rear and possible visual detriment to the back of the terrace. Partially, therefore, the solution to be to lose the study element of the conversion, which meant the parapet no longer had to be raised. We then went back to the planners with lots of photographs taken from the back of the house and showing other various dormers of different styles along the row.

They were then satisfied that what we were suggesting was actually very well designed and would not be visually detrimental. They approved the plans and the clients have three years within which to start the build without having to reapply for consent.