Five reasons to use an architect

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Five reasons to use an architect

You are about to embark upon an extension, renovation, conversion or remodelling project and are wondering whether to employ an architect.

Here are the top five reasons for doing so:

  1. Lifting the stress

Architects involve themselves in projects to varying extents, depending on their client’s wishes and requirements. But whatever level of service they are providing, a good firm, such as Howie Architects, will lift the stress and worry from your shoulders. Architects are highly trained, have in-depth knowledge of the design, planning and construction process and can offer you good solid advice and guide you through the often very stressful process.

  1. Understanding ever-changing regulations

The world of property design and construction can be complex and is governed by many ever-changing rules, regulations and laws. A good architect should have an in-depth understanding of all of these and should advise their clients accordingly and ensure every property and its building process compliant. They will keep up-to-date with changing requirements, so the property owner does not have to.

  1. Supporting clients through the process

While some architects are simply employed at the design stage of a project, others, such as Howie Architects can stay by your side from inception through to completion. They can be brought it from the moment a client starts to consider what might be possible and then remain with them through design, planning, building regulations and construction. They can liaise with contractors on your behalf if required and be on hand to trouble-shoot if there are problems.

  1. Bringing a creative eye

Not only is an architect a professional, with an in-depth knowledge of the nuts and bolts of building design and functionality, light and space, but they should also bring creative flair to a project. As an impartial party, they are well-placed to see the build from a very different perspective to the client and should be able to combine useful and practical suggestions with exciting design options.

  1. Adding value

A good architect should add value to any project. They will be able to help a client navigate the cost options of alternative choices for the design and build and could well end up helping them make savings across the entire project. Using an architect on a project could well also ensure it ends up having more value in the longer term.