Consider heritage paint ranges for your period home

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Consider heritage paint ranges for your period home

Those soon to embark on extension, renovation or restoration work will often decide to bring in a completely new colour scheme.

In recent times, homeowners with period homes have increasingly chosen to consider heritage ranges and, as such, many big name manufacturers have expanded their palettes.

Farrow & Ball, Paint & Paper Library and Sanderson are just a drop in the ocean when it comes to extensive offerings for older properties.

They have carefully developed hues to suit character properties ranging from Medieval cottages to Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian houses.

Colours typical of particular eras might include:

*Shades of white through to grey in 15th and 16th century homes

*Some blues and browns in 17th century homes

*Possible softs greens and blues starting to appear in early 18th century homes

*Lavender and deeper greens and blues later in the 18th century

*Ochre, deep blues and even pink shades in the early 19th century

*Darker greens, blues and reds in late Victorian times

Dulux is now launching a curated collection of 112 heritage colours, all described as modern interpretations of classic shades from the history of British architecture and design.

Spanning shades from the palest duck egg to the deepest aubergine, they come in pale, mid and deep tones and have such evocative names as Potters Pink, Cornish Clay, Pugin Red, Romney Wool, Raven’s Flight, Wooded Walk and Bathstone Beige.

Marianne Shillingford, creative director of Dulux, says: “With the Heritage range, we have combined the finest colours from important periods of decorating history with the most stylish contemporary hues to create a truly gorgeous collection.”

Pic credit: Dulux Heritage