Bring in the Spring

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Bring in the Spring

Spring is very definitely in the air outside – so why not open your doors and bring it right into the home?

Here are our top tips for welcoming the season into your living spaces – and putting that spring back into your step as you move from room to room:

  1. Let the light in

Wash away the dust and dirt of the autumn and winter months and give all your windows and doors a good clean, both inside and out. Don’t forget to give any French windows, sliding patios doors or bi-folding doors the same treatment. If you have heavy winter drapes hanging at your windows, now might be the time to consider changing them for something altogether for summery and breezy.

  1. Let the greenery in

How wonderful would it be to see a little more greenery inside as well as out? Bring in some nice leafy plants and perhaps one or two that might offer you some spring colour. Try the popular Chinese money plant, which loves the light, for fresh greenery and bromelia guzmania for colour. Think about starting to grow some herbs in pots on your kitchen ready to put out on your windowsill, providing fresh ingredients for cooking as well as some much needed soft greenery for a space which often features lots of hard flat surfaces and straight-lined edges.

  1. Let the colour in

Now is the time to move from those earthy comforting tones of autumn and winter to something altogether much brighter and cheerier. This doesn’t have to mean splashing out on lots of new home accessories. Changing one or two things here and there can make all the difference. Moving from dark coloured bed linen to something in a fresh green, pink or blue, for example, or putting away that rich marron sitting room throw in favour of a different, complementary shade that is much lighter. Add hints of colour here and there by bringing in spring blooms and arranging them in vases, jars and glasses.

  1. Let the fresh air in

We are all trying to save money on energy costs at the moment and, of course, we want to play our part for the planet too. Reset your thermostat a little lower and perhaps set your timer so that it does not come on so frequently. Many houses may be starting to benefit from solar gain at this time of year and sunshine streaming through windows could provide ample heat. When the weather is warm enough, and the heating is off, start to open your garden doors and windows more to bring the spring air into the home.

  1. Let yourself live a little

Take time to pause and think about what you could add to the home this season that might make you smile and feel a little happier in yourself. We all like a treat or two and even small changes within the home can make all the difference. Is it time to buy that new set of cushions, would a couple of new vases for spring blooms cheer you up or is it now time to invest in that new bedding set you have had your eye on for a while? Or would simply rearranging the furniture in a room make you feel a bit brighter? Spring is a time for change and new beginnings – and just enhancing the home slightly, here and there, can be extremely uplifting.