Be bold with sizzling hot tropical touches this summer – top tips

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Be bold with sizzling hot tropical touches this summer – top tips

If you’re looking to liven up your home over the coming weeks, you might want to go big and bold by bringing in something deliciously tropical.

Gorgeous greens, beautiful blues, strong yellows and vibrant tangerines are all the rage this summer – and what better time of year could there be for introducing them?

But it’s not just the tropics that are making their presence felt in our homes this season, Scandinavian influences are still out there.

And, believe it or not, they are being teamed up with the hotter accents.

Yes, the simplicity of Scandi and the scorching shades of the tropics are coming together as “tropicandi!”

This hybrid trend combines a warm, tropical colour palette with calmer Scandi-inspired pieces of furniture, according to Rebecca Snowden, interior style advisor at Furniture and Choice.

“If you have always wanted to add a colourful twist to Scandi décor, this is the style for you,” she says.

And here are her top tips to achieving the look:

Start with a contemporary grey sofa as the base for a clean Scandi feel. Bring tropical elements into the mix with a warm peach backdrop, colourful cushions and chic ceramics.

“Scandi’s clean lines and minimalist approach bring out the best of tropical style by highlighting its uplifting yet relaxing appeal,” she adds.

Since both Scandi and tropical styles incorporate natural materials into their décor, play up this aspect with the tropicandi trend in the dining room.

“Choose relaxing materials and textures such as wood, rattan or jute,” Rebecca says.

“Introduce a clean glass and oak dining set with tropical accessories, such as a rattan lamp and jute rug,” Rebecca says.

“Round off the look with a sky-blue backdrop for a tropical beachside feel.”

Bring out the summertime hygge feeling with lots of indoor plants and tropical motifs, she suggests.

“Pick tropical plants such as monstera, palms or ferns for a refreshing tropicandi space,” Rebecca says.

Aside from indoor plants, tropical motifs can go a long way.

“Contrast a stylish grey velvet bed with bold tropical wallpaper in the bedroom,” Rebecca suggests. “Bring this vibe to the home office with tropical artwork and indoor plants.

“A clean fresh white space with bursts of green breaks up the space visually and encourages self-care when working.”