Garden Studio Golden Triangle

Garden Studio Golden Triangle

PROJECT: To design a substantial garden studio

WHERE: The Golden Triangle, Norwich

This has been an interesting project for a variety of different reasons.

While it presented particular challenges, it was exciting to be working on a building which would be away from the main house.

The clients wanted to create a space where they could work from home and also enjoy a new family area.

They had explored the option of carrying out a loft conversion, but this could not really give them everything they were looking for.

We then started to discuss the possibility of an outside structure, which would encompass an office, garden room and even a shower room.

This single-storey construction would be allowed under permitted development rights, without the need for full planning consent.

In the future, however, should the owners wish to use it as additional accommodation or a self-contained annexe, the change of use would be subject to relevant planning permissions.

The clients already have an outdoor structure in their large garden: the plan now is to take this down and build the new one on to the existing hard standing.

The new building will have two distinct sections but will be entered via a hall, leading to the office and the garden room.


The challenge to me at the design stage was to keep the two areas distinct and separate, while also ensuring they sat well together as one.

I also had to make sure each had a view of the beautiful garden and that the building as a whole would sit well within its surroundings and not compromise the outlook from the house.

I am pleased with the resulting designs and once completed I think the garden studio will be an attractive addition to the property, as well as a practical and very flexible space.

The plan is to clad it vertically in timber – possibly cedar or Siberian larch – and to include an expanse of decking around it.

Here, the clients will be able to sit outside as well as in to enjoy their beautiful new space.