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Garden Studios

Garden Studio Case Studies:

Garden Studio in Golden Triangle

The addition of a garden studio to a home can bring opportunities for a multitude of different uses.

Not only can it enhance the flexibility of your accommodation but it can also facilitate lifestyle changes and provide quiet space away from the chaos of the main home.

With more of us working from home, for example, a dedicated office in the garden creates physical separation between home life and work life.

In most cases, services including phone and internet cabling, can be installed to provide the necessary connectivity.

Garden studios can also make excellent recreational and hobby spaces – for home brewing, art, music or yoga, for example.

They can be superb “man caves” or gyms, and can also be ideal dens or games rooms for teenagers and children.

Those considering creating a studio within their grounds will be pleased to learn a garden structure falls under more relaxed planning laws than the main home.

And, while it could be in any style and made from a host of different materials, it can also be lightweight in structure, making it quicker, easier and cheaper to build than a conventional extension.

Furthermore, garden studios often present an opportunity to have a little fun and make a personalised design statement.